Marguerite English
Fri, 05 Jul 2002 15:36:37 PDT

I love my bulbs, but also grow many other favorites in my gardens.  Roses, salvias, penstemons, pinks and native plants are probably the top five, and I collect many specimens of each of them.   I, like many of you, find my favorite to be the one that I'm looking at right now!
      I live in the back country near Descanso, California. My home is in 
the mountains, and my weather conditions are quite different from most of 
the San Diego area.  I buy trees and shrubs safe for zone 7b, but we do 
have milder winters some years, so I experiment with more tender plants as 
well.  As you all know, this year is full drought conditions.  I use a 
well, so can only hope that we will have another rainy year before the deep 
water is affected.
      I am editor of "The Bulb Garden" , and am also facilitator of our 
local Sherilton Valley Fire Safe Council, and write a small monthly 
newsletter for that.   And I thought retirement wouldn't be busy!  I share 
my life with my husband, Ray, my three lovely daughters, a lazy dog and an 
old-lady cat (as far as we can tell, she is 18 years old).   I am playing 
with a project to create a web-site for my Fire Safe information and as a 
mini-flora for all the native plants in our valley.  My daughter, Carole, 
is taking photographs to place on the site.


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