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Robert Hamilton robhamilton@trump.net.au
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 06:57:58 PDT
Dear All,

Rob posted this to the Australian Bulbs list and I am sure that everyone 
who is on this list is going to want to know about this wonderful resource 
as well so I am forwarding it to this list. May I suggest that since there 
are different members on both lists that if you belong to both and you have 
something really interesting to share that you send the message to both 
lists. I think Shayne has already done that a few times. Those of us on 
both can just delete the second message and no one will miss out. Now if 
only I had the time to look at all of Rod's pictures. As Rob points out we 
may all want more seeds! Thanks Rob.

Mary Sue
Hi  all,

Just in case I'm not the last one to  find this.

I discovered the link below  while looking around  Silverhill Seeds- a
gallery of photos taken by Rod  Saunders.

Go to:


Select Picture Databank
Then search         Author Name      Contains         Saunders

You will then find 380 images  most of  which are bulbs. Each has a
short  description.

To list a few  I really fancied:

Stunning   Brunsvigia  bosmaniae
Amazing Gethyllis  flowers and  foliage- 5 to  see
Incredible broad twisted foliage of Haemanthus namaquensis- in fruit
Heaps of   Iridacea , Lachenalia and  Shrubs.

Hope you enjoy as much as I am.


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