Ant contol

Floral Artistry
Mon, 15 Jul 2002 23:00:27 PDT
Are there any chemicals, home remedies, natural enemies that I can use to
control ants? I think my whole growing area is on top of a HUGE ant hill.
Every time I water, all the pots are covered with ants and I usually have a
few on me by the time I am done.
I want to spray with Liquid Seven but I have used Diazinon in the past. This
seems to work for about 2 days and they are back. I think Diazinon merely
displaces then and they return. I want something to KILL them with so there
is nothing to return. Ants have a tendency to nurture the few aphids, etc.
that I have and make them into a huge colony in no time.

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