Arisaema heterophyllum - photos
Sun, 14 Jul 2002 12:04:33 PDT
As promised, although a trifle late, I have put together a 4-picture gallery 
of the East Asian Arisaema heterophyllum.  After being in bloom for nearly 3 
weeks, and after lots of hot weather up to nearly 100 degrees (36 C) for 
several days, and gusty drying winds, the plant and it's pale green hooded 
spathe flower looks as fresh today as it did when the flower first opened 3 
weeks ago.  Please checkout the photos and commentary at:…

...or goto and click on the A. heterophyllum link.

Mark McDonough        Pepperell, Massachusetts, United States    "New England"               USDA Zone 5
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Dear Plantsmen:
         A local friend who "did" orchids as a teenager and young man told 
me one of the identification tools for fragrant Cattleya orchids is the 
time of day they emit fragrance and stop emitting.  Amazing things, flowers.

Kind regards,  Joyce Miller, Sacramento, CA, USA  USDA Zone 9A
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