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Wed, 03 Jul 2002 20:37:40 PDT
Does anyone know whether we're allowed to post photos (JPG files) to this 

Lyn Edwards said the Ariseamas are a favorite.  Right now in the garden, I 
have the asian Ariseama heterophyllum in bloom, an impression giant species, 
yet hardy here.  The shoots didn't appear until mid June! ... just about two 
weeks ago, then a spectacular, striped and mottled spathe-covered shoot pops 
out of the ground and grows with amazing speed.  I had two shoots, one being 
a heavy-textured leaf shoot, the other being the flowering shoot, also with 
one stalwart leaf... the stem about 4' tall, the single leaf with about 15 
crinkled and corrugated leaflets suspended from a handle-bar-like leaf-rim, 
then a leathery-textured spathe, whitish-green inside and veined, with the 
upturned rat-tail spadix shooting upwards for another 8-10", bringing the 
plant close to 5' in height!

I can post pictures to the group, if pictures are allowed, or if not, I can 
post a new page to my website if anyone is interested in seeing the plant. 
For those interested in the genus Arisaema, last year I posted an Ariseama 
gallery at:

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