Merendera--proposed topic of the week

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 29 Jul 2002 11:04:54 PDT
Dear All,

I'm going to borrow a little from the Australian list and see if we could get some of those members to tell us a little about Merendera. It was suggested as a topic of the week when I was doing that for IBS, but didn't get enough votes. And it is blooming now in the southern hemisphere. Maybe Jane, Lauw (if he has time), and Peter can add to this discussion too. I know nothing about this genus. Brian Mathew in his Growing Bulbs book describes it as a small genus from south Europe and western to central Asia, sometimes merged with Colchicum, with erect funnel-shaped white, pink or purple flowers in autumn or spring; they differ from colchicums in having no tube to the flower, the six segments all separtate. His further description makes it sound like many of us could grow these. So could Lyn and Rob from Australia tell us a bit more about them and how they grow them and of course we hope anyone else who grows them will report their experiences as well. There have been pictures on the Australian image list.

Mary Sue

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