Fri, 12 Jul 2002 08:16:57 PDT
Thankyou Mary Sue for turning me on to this valuable list!  
I am Lily Ricardi,wearer of many horticultural hats for the Mendocino Coast 
Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg, CA. 47 acres to the sea.

Hat 1--perennial garden--Mediterranean garden--designer, planter, maintaniner.
Hat 2--Mediterranean Bulb Collection curator and caregiver.
Hat 3--education coordinator.

The above isn't enough for a horti-aholic--so I design private gardens in my 
spare time.

My interest in all things bulbous came by way of Mary Sue. Aren't you surprised?
She donated our bulb collection. With almost 200 different species. They are 
displayed in pots during the winter and spring in a display house normally used for Fuchsias and Begonias during the summer. 

This was the second season and is fast becoming a major interest during the 
late winter, early spring. 

Our director Rich Owings was so turned on by geobeauty, he traipsed the board 
of directors through the collection after each monthly meeting through June.

Since I'm not knowledgable about bulbs, I will primarily be lurking and 

Lily Ricardi


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