Joyce Miller
Sat, 06 Jul 2002 18:22:49 PDT
Dear Members,
	Like Marguerite English, I love my bulbs for themselves but also because they opened the door to me for so many other types of plants. My life is filled with my garden, a small greenhouse housing orchids and early sown 
spring seeds and a few flasks of germinating orchid seeds.  My special 
emphasis is plant propagation.
	I volunteer at the University of California Botanical Conservatory, in the orchid section.  However, recently I was asked to recommend 50 geophytes 
offered by Silverhill Seeds that are suitable for our USDA zone 9.
	I grow California native plants for our Sacramento Chapter of the 
California Native Plant Society (CNPS).  This pleasant task has evolved 
into volunteering horticultural work in the CNPS Demonstration garden, 
located at the Old City Cemetery, in Sacramento.  Presently, I am working 
on weed abatement and designing a plan for a 10 foot square plot using 
California natives.
	Although I began geophytes with Hippeastrum (Amaryllidaceae), I think my favorite geophyte family is Iridaceae.
	I share my home with three miniature poodles and a Siamese cat and 
volunteer with a local hospice group.  Life is full.
	Joyce Miller

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