ann marie
Thu, 25 Jul 2002 16:18:31 PDT
Hello everyone I don't write much because I'm not as
knowledgeable as those I read mail from. Bit I feel
the need to introduce myself, I lived in Southern
California, (Pasadena then Glendora area) my whole
life (No Numbers).  I find this area to be easier to
grow all bulbs and so. African plants. Could be why my
garden is soooo full. I have only an average size lot,
no acreage to fill up. I'm afraid I'd go mad if I did,
or my husband would divorce me. 

When it's not so hot (97-100) I spend at least 4 hours
a day to all day, doesn't leave much time for hubby,
good thing he likes to fish and watch sports. 
I got into bulbs from my mother and sister in-law.
I've been collecting for at least 25 years.(ouch I'm
feeling old). 

My favorites are Amaryllis belladonna, Hippeastrum, 
Crinum, Nerines, Moreae, Iris, Watsonia, Chasmanthes,
Scilla, Crocosmia, Allium, Oxalis and Hymenocallis, to
name a few bulbs. But I also love Succulents, I can
never pass up a Succulent Societies Sale. I also
collect Epyphillums (Over 100 named varieies). I also
have a pond and raise pond plants and fish. I have 15
different varieties of fruit trees on the property,
hedges and walkways, all screaming for attention,
besides my dog Meagan and my cat Ashley.  I call this
menagerie, "Mystic Garden". 

My moto is if it holds dirt it can hold a plant. I
love metal, rusty metal, concrete, bricks and glass
and my place is full of it-old, new and used. I will
send some pictures along at another time. 

Ann Marie of So Cal 

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