Virus questions

Bill Richardson
Fri, 12 Jul 2002 22:33:47 PDT
Mary Sue,
I don't think viruses can be transmitted by soil.

I think you are quite safe not to sterilise your soil , it is mainly done to
kill weed seeds and other baddies, insects. I wouldn't bother.

I found this short reference to virus, which seems to say it all:
"As virus diseases cannot be controlled by chemical means, the first line of
defence is garden hygiene: dig up and burn any plants suspected of

The second precaution is to try to control sap-sucking insects - aphids,
jassids and thrips - because these pests spread virus infection from plant
to plant. Also eradicate weeds such as rib grass which are often alternative
host plants for virus diseases."
I think the best advise Mary Sue, is to destroy the infected plants and
replace with healthy stock.
I'd still like to read more info on the milk though, and was wondering if it
had an effect on say, the leaves, foliage of Fuchsias and such-like plants,
which are then pruned back. The new growth might be free of virus?
Bill Richardson
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