Cathy Craig Batlette@cox.net
Tue, 18 Jun 2002 11:34:00 PDT
Hi everyone,

Thanks, Mee. We really needed an email robin, and now we have one. Everyone has been automatically subscribed so we can start having bulb and gardening discussions right away.

Summer has as last come to San Clemente. We haven't had 10 days of sunshine here since last fall. While I love the cool weather, I grow a lot of daylilies and many just don't color up
without the sun and warm air.

After 5 years here I am at last getting to the front yard. We removed everything and are starting over. John put up an arbor for me and picket fencing and even made a half-moon gate for the arbor. What a guy. Many of you saw it who were here in June for the dinner. I will have some shade and morning-only sun. The back yard is full sun, 365 days a year. The Clivias
are in ground now and they were never this happy in their pots. So are the                Rhododendrons - they've been living in pots for nearly 3 years. Also the Azalea and lots more that were confined to pots in back under beach umbrellas.

I have been collecting plants that no one grows here. The Astilbes I had in a trough from Costco last year are sharing the shade with the Clivias. The other day I found a Philadelphus at Plant Depot. Wow, what a neat plant. What a great fragrance! Never seen a live one before except the 'mock orange' plants that grow practically wild here. Ugly devils, thorns, hedges
is what they are. The other Philadelphuses I see in my reference books look
beautiful. Actually Harold does have a Phil. I remember seeing it last year.
Gets to be 8ft tall but I don't know what kind it is.

Well enough of all that for now. Welcome aboard everyone. Am looking forward
to hearing about your plants and gardens and what bulbs you will be buying
this summer for fall planting.

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