Climates of the world

Cathy Craig
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 20:04:05 PST
A simple Atlas has much of this info I have a small one that lists the
major warm and cold ocean currents, topical geographics like sand dunes, ice
caps, seasonal lakes, etc., land ht above sea level. On one or two pages it
lists climatc info rainfall and air temp curves for the major cities of the
world throughout the year, also lists actual surface temps for the world in
both hemispheres in summer and winter with accompanying graphics.

John Grimshaw has a book out called The Gardener's Atlas that has some of
the information you wish but goes way beyond that too history,
locality(ies) where our ornimental plants' ancestors were found, culture,

There is also a "Plant's Life in the World's Mediterranean Climates",

Cathy Craig Zone 9b Maritime
Pacific Bulb Society President

> Does anyone know of a single resource that briefly describes different
> climates of the world?  For example if I had a plant I knew was from the
> Serengeti (Tanzania) I could look up the area and find the average
> maximum/minimum temperature and something about the rainfall pattern

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