oxalis in rock gardens

ann marie mysticgardn@yahoo.com
Mon, 04 Nov 2002 08:09:23 PST
Claude, I have a section of my garden just for Oxalis, I don't get rodents because the dog discourages all other wildlife and cats from entering her domain. What I do get are smashed oxalis from doggy! But I'm happy to say they come back in a couple of days and I think they are getting hardier because of this treatment. As far as which is hardier I'll get back to you because I don't have my notes with me. 

I hunt for oxalis everywhere. I got some unusual ones from a catalogue,  Glasshouseworks. And I hunt all the home depot, walmarts and targets for something unusual and they get them every once in a while. I also have a friend who owns Nuccio's Camellia and Azalea Nursery here in So Calif, that collects and shares oxalis with me. He had one variety that kept getting rust, he was going to throw it out I saved it from the trash with his permission, to see if enviroment would stop the rusting. Just the other day I was moving pots around and n

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