Climates of the world

Jane McGary
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 13:54:31 PST
I think I remember mentioning this a long time ago on this or the IBS
forum, but will offer it again A wonderful resource on climate for bulb
growers is "Growing Bulbs" by Martyn Rix (Christopher Helm/Timber Press,
1986; paperback). It describes the climatic regimes of all the major
regions of the world where bulbs are common, and also has chapters on the
evolution and biology of bulbous plants. No bulb grower should be without it. 

Another resource on climate is a two-volume set that I happen to have (it
is an expensive reference book) because I was the copyeditor on it
"Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather," ed. by Stephen H. Schneider (Oxford
University Press, 1996). It has separate entries on various regions of the
world as well as hundreds of fascinating articles on everything from the
physics of tornadoes to the history of meteorology, most of which are
accessible to the intelligent nonspecialist (those that are not are flagged
as "intended for readers at an advanced level"--reflecting at least in part
my failure to understand them when I was editing them, the copyeditor being
the test case as usual). It should be available in many libraries.

Jane McGary
Northwest Oregon

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