Cyrtanthus (montanus x elatus)?

Dr Paul Chapman
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 13:38:37 PST
Ken, Jim and all,

Sorry this has taken me a while to respond - work has been hectic over the
last few weeks...
Having looked at the picture on Ken's website, this plant looks almost
identical to the Cyrtanthus falcatus x elatus hybrids which have just
finished flowering for me.  They have the flower form of C. falcatus, the
colour of C. elatus, are evergreen and flower once a year in
October/November, regular as clockwork.  I have tried chilling them, drying
them and even threatening them to try and delay flowering by 4-6 weeks, as I
think they would make a superb Christmas pot plant, but with no success

My plants originated from Frank Holford, who has had several articles about
Cyrtanthus hybrids in Herbertia.


Dr Paul Chapman, Wallington, Surrey, UK
South London commuter belt suburbia - zone 9a

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Subject Re Cyrtanthus (montanus x elatus)?

> To tell you the truth, I was a little skeptical about the parentage I
> had been offered for the plant. The container had 'c x e' written on
> it. but I was told that it was (montanus x elatus). Problem is,
> neither of those species have pendant flowers...

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