Polyxena/Massonia sp.?

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 04 Nov 2002 10:24:05 PST
Dear Jim,

I think your picture looks like a Massonia. Julian Slade had one of the most gorgeous photos of Massonia pustulata on the Australian Images list this year. I still have it so I will send the image to you to see if that helps. His have that lovely purplish pustule look to the leaves that I have on only one of my plants. I will post pictures my husband took for me of Polyxena longituba that shows the leaf ("Involute, canaliculate means leaf edges folded inwards, like a pipe in which you cut a length wards section not reaching the diameter") and a picture from about a month ago of Massonia pustulata. It's a little dark, but if you look hard maybe you can see how most of the leaves are green without pustules and two have pustules and a purplish tint. I expect more of them to have pustules in later years. Most of the plants are going to bloom so will have another picture later. Most of my Polyxena longituba are in bloom now with quite a few tiny flowers. I think it is really cool. For Diane's data base I started the seed 9/13/99. It started germinating 11/16/99. I had my first bloom 11/01 on a couple of the plants and almost all of them are blooming this year.

I saw some Massonia jasminiflora blooming when we visited Rhoda and Cameron McMaster last September. I got seed from Rhoda because it was a sweet little thing, but none of it came up. It was one of the few bulbs in bloom in the Eastern Cape when we visited since that is mostly a summer rainfall area. Maybe Rhoda can tell us about it?

Mary Sue

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