Images and BX 17

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 04:57:58 PST
Dear All,

Bill Dijk has just posted some images of two of the offerings in BX 17 to Bulbs_Images. Judging from his pictures the Herbertia seed from me is Herbertia lahue ssp. caerulea. He also has a picture of Cyanella hycinthoides. 

I am sure it would be good to have pictures of seed we are offering too besides W or S, but that really would tax the seed supplier.

Hopefully one day the PBS web page will be up and running and people will be able to post pictures of things we are talking about there. In the meantime there are two Images lists that are open so anyone can join and post images to them. If you have limited space on your computer to download images and have not subscribed for that reason you can edit your membership to get the digest and then you will just get text and not attachments unless there is just one image that day. The other possibility is to set your mail service to nomail and then when someone mentions they have posted an image to the list you can go online and look at it.

To join either of these open groups that some of us on this list use just write to:


After you have joined go to the online site


Be sure you change your account information if you are not a member of Yahoo unless you want to get offers from them and then edit your membership to set digest or nomail if that is your wish. Jim Shields or Shayne Willis will help you I am sure if you have difficulties. Of course you can also get messages as they come if that is your preference complete with the images. Jim Shield's group screens all the images for virus before posting them. I'm not sure if the AB Images group does that too, but of course we all need a virus program on our own computers.

Mary Sue
PBS list administrator

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