Whats blooming

DrR Hamilton robhamilton@trump.net.au
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 15:36:58 PST
Jim  and  Mary Sue,

I  enjoyed  hearing  what you  have  blooming ( and  seeing your  lovely
Romulea Mary Sue ).  Here in the   Southern Hemisphere the  excitement  of
spring has  passed but  some  lovely  things  still continue  to  please.

It  may  be  of  interest  that  I  am  enjoying the  blooms  of
Californian Iris  at  present. I  have a  number of hybrids  but  must  say
I do appreciate more the  simplicity  of the  species. At  present I  have
yellow  and  white  forms  of  Iris  inominata and  first  blooms on  Iris
tenuissima subsp purdyiformis. I  douglasiana has   finished . I  am
delighted  to  have a  new  batch  of  Iris  macrosiphon seedlings  growing




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