New E-mail address - PBS Membership Chair
Tue, 05 Nov 2002 17:53:32 PST
The time has come for me to leave AOL.  I now have a new e-mail address: Please use this address in the future.

Mumswell?  You may wonder about the origin of the name.  Enjoying the British's tradition of naming homes, I wanted to find a name fitting of my new home a few years ago.  Soul searching was done; a dog theme, a garden theme?  In my mind, I kept returning to the time when I first viewed the land on which the house is built.  On that November day, my mother joined me on my trip.  We walked the woods and were cautioned to stay away from a water filled hole in the ground by the owners.  They had tried to dig a well by hand.  Somehow my mother caught her foot as she walked by and dove head first into the cold water of the well.  Although at first is was quite scary, mom in her indomitable ways came up sputtering water and even still have her glasses on.  We got a ladder and got her out, she dried off, and didn't even feel sore the next day.  Although "mum" is rather embarrassed by the episode, the name Mumswell is a tribute to her invi

Vicki Sironen Pacific Bulb Society Membership Chair Baggins and Sadie (the two Toller dogs) The Mumswell Estate Respice finem (Latin for "watch were you are going")

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