Floating technique for germination

Wed, 20 Nov 2002 20:42:18 PST
That has been my experience and conclusion as well. Many people are
not aware of this unless they own an aquarium, but many water
districts and municipalities are now using chloramine (a
chlorine/ammonia compound) which has even greater persistence in the
water distribution system, to the point where neutralizing chemicals
are vital if the water is to be used in an aquarium. (water which is
simply chlorinated can be detoxed via aeration) The greater
'half-life' of chloramines translates to better results for floated
seeds, IMO, although in the long term, I believe that is it
potentially damaging to plants - especially containerized plants that
are not subjected to the flushing effects of rainfall. Our local water
district made the change to chloramine about 10 years ago, and I
noticed a simultaneous decline in the health and vigor of my container
grown plant - they appeared to be drought-stressed, even though they
were being heavily watered. When I found out about the change in water
chemistry a few years later, it all began to make sense. As a result,
I'm looking into the practicality of ammonia detox products designed
for use in water gardens, as well as means of collecting rainfall.

Thanks for the excellent dissertation, Lee.

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