Growing from Seed-PBS TOW

Tom Stuart
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 16:38:25 PST
> But what about light verses dark?  Does anyone have a
> good rule of thumb on when to cover a seed verses leave it uncovered?

Some rules I use

Woodland seed will be covered by leaf fall.

Seed from open habitats may not.

If the seed is held on the stalk until the next germination season (for 
example with many Compositae) it is less likely to be covered.

Seed with arils, fleshy appendages containing starch or sugar, may be 
transported underground by ants.

Tiny seeds seem to appear more often in propagation guides as requiring 

Look in Norman Deno's guides or online at 

If I have no clue and sufficient seed, some gets covered well, then topped 
with the remaining seeds. If I am ambitious that day, they'll be in separate 
pots with notes made.

Most seeds don't care about light.

Tom Stuart, Croton Falls, New York, USA, Zone 6

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