Massonia seeds

Cameron McMaster
Tue, 05 Nov 2002 23:49:10 PST

In my experience, Massonia seeds must be covered by some soil, I would say about 3-5 mm cover.  I take a stick and scratch a line in the wet soil, then carefully drop the seeds along the line, press them down, and then sprinkle a bit of sand & palm peat (mixed) into the depression that is left along the line.  To avoid washing the seeds out when watering, you can dribble water between the rows so that the rows themselves are not touched by water.  Once the leaves are about one cm tall the roots should hold them quite firmly in the soil.

Rhoda E. Cape

>Is anyone able to advise me on sowing Massonia seeds?
>I know that they want to be sown in sandy mix about this time of the year
>here in So Calif. 
 >Should I spread them on top or should I sprinkle a little sand over the top
>of the seeds?

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