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Gary Buckley
Tue, 19 Nov 2002 02:52:53 PST
Hi all,

Mary Sue, to be literal about my seed sowing direct into the ground, said
ground is really one large scree, filled with various mediums to accommodate
various bulb profiles grow.

>Do you
>add fertilizer to the mix?
No, but when I think of it, I do like to use what I term soil conditioners.
A light mix of complete trace element and a carrier like liquid seaweed. Not
at all very scientific, but over the last three decades I find this as we
are speaking in generalities, to hold.

>Do you
>protect from the rain or leave the pots out exposed to the elements?
for the most part yes. But  I always cover with fine grit. I use 1-2mm grit
because this works for me across the board.

>What size and kind of pots does everyone use?
I prefer troughs.

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