Climates of the world

Jennifer Hildebrand
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 16:34:37 PST
I agree that it would be very helpful to have the seeds marked for seasons.  To save Dell from more work, maybe we could shift the burden to the wonderful people who donate so generously?  The information could then be included in the BX emails (in the same way that Mary Sue and others provide descriptions) instead of on the packages, and we could all be responsible for noting the information down for whatever seeds we order.  It would also spread the burden around, making it small for a lot of people instead of big for Dell! Jennifer Cathy Craig  wrote: Great idea, Alberto. For anyone who doesn't have Rachel's catalog, thiswould be a very great help. It will mean more work for poor Dell, tho.

Cathy Craig Zone 9b MaritimePacific Bulb Society President

>And Cathy I make here the proposal that all seed sent to the BX
>from now on should have a W or a S indicating wether they are cool season or
>warm season growers. It will be of great help. 

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