[Australian_Bulbs] re Brodiaea seed

Mary Wise marywise@IINET.NET.AU
Sat, 02 Nov 2002 15:01:32 PST
Thanks Alberto. I have noticed that the Leucocoryne which are in pots in a
slightly more protected position from the hot afternoon sun have held their
foliage better, whereas the ones I have planted out into the garden in a very bright position lost their leaves early on. I had hoped to get flowers from Tritelia pedunculata this season as it must be at least 4 yrs from seed but it doesnt look as though it is going to happen as the foliage is starting to go back now and I can see no sign of a bud.

T. "Queen Fabiola" is flowering now so guess the others should have shown some singn by now if they were going to.

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