Pasithea caerulea

Jane McGary
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 09:37:24 PST
In her excellent notes on her BX conations, Mary Sue Ittner <> wrote,
>11. Pasithea caerulea--There are only a few seed of this blue flowered
>geophyte (another unusual underground storage organ) from Chile. Jane
>mentioned it in her report. I have seen it in the ground at the University
>of California Berkeley's garden. I think it might need year round water as
>some I planted out where they didn't get summer water did not come back.

I'm pretty sure it does NOT need summer water. I saw it growing robustly in
semi-arid situations where there definitely is no rain in summer, and where
it was up on hills with no likelihood of underground water. I would be more
inclined to suspect predation. It can stand a few degrees of frost; it was
growing well in the botanical garden at Valparaiso, where I was told they
had experienced temperatures down to minus 4 Celsius (c. 25 F), and also
inland in the coast range where I assume there is a bit of frost. 

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon

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