Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 02 Nov 2002 15:37:30 PST
Dear Mary,

Triteleia laxa is one of California's most adaptable bulbs. I have grown it with regular summer water and without, in clay and in sandstone and it has survived and thrived. What I am finding to be fun now is to grow seed from different locations so you can get some that are tall, some that are short, some that are pale blue, some that are dark blue, some that get bigger each year without many offsets, etc.

As for Triteleia peduncularis, in the wild you often see it in seeps. It really likes the water while in growth. I have had blooming sized bulbs not bloom in a year when the rains stopped early and I didn't water it enough.

I think Alberto's comments are very apt about how some things in cultivation under different conditions behave differently than in the wild. When I try to verify that something I grow from seed is what it is supposed to be and look it up I have found comments like leaves dried before blooming may not always be right.

Mary Sue 

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