Amaryllis disease and Galanthus

Jane McGary
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 23:13:32 PST
I recently received a submission for the Rock Garden Quarterly on growing
Galanthus (snowdrops) in a cold part of the USA. The author, Hitch Lyman,
who has a small snowdrop nursery called Temple Nursery, mentioned that a
disease of so-called amaryllis -- i.e., florists' hippeastrums -- is fatal
to Galanthus, though often tolerated by the hippeastrums. I am querying him
but he mentioned the red streaking the disease causes--is this
Stagonospora? He recommends not growing hippeastrums anywhere near
Galanthus for this reason, since so much of the former stock is infected
with this disease.

Jane McGary
NW Oregon (where I can't plant a hippeastrum outdoors anyway, thank goodness)

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