peter maynard
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 09:46:08 PST
I have grown this too for several years now from seed in the  Archibalds' list; the flower are fugacious ( here today, gone tomorrow} but the colour is striking. Have only succeeded potted in a light sandy loam mix and kept frost free where it has increased slowly but steadily.I suppose the root could described as a hairy rhizome.

It is, in fact, now just beginning to leaf up and so far has always flowered in March. On two occasions I have persuaded it to set seed which has been passed around and germinated OK  but the yield is very low, just one or two shiny black round seeds each year. Have never tried it outside but if it continues to multiply will do so in the future

Last time I looked it was a monotypic genus but there has been so much shuffling of late

S.E. England
 Zone 8 Coastal 
Plainnatales grate numeras

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