Brodiaea seed

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 01 Nov 2002 19:49:43 PST
Dear All,

I just want to put my two cents in on this one since it is one of the bulbs that grows where I live and I enjoy seeing it when I am out hiking in spring. Although some are pale violet, others are much darker in color. It seems to thrive in wet places and wet years. The year we got almost 100 inches of rain (254 cm.) they were everywhere. It was hard to walk on some trails without stepping on them. Our soils are very low in nutrients and some of these are found close to the ocean where it is very windy. So the ones in the wild are very short (ssp. terrestis) In cultivation with better soil and no wind they are much taller.

It is not unusual for a lot of the Brodiaeas, Dichelostemmas, and Triteleias to be blooming after their leaves have started to yellow.

Good luck Mary and I am glad you have that Brodiaea coronaria in bloom.

(note from Mary on the Australian list B corinaria is about to burst into bloom I am so thrilled that it has managed to survive.  Had one blooming stem last year for the first time since I sowed the seed and just went and counted and there is 15 stems !  I have noticed though that the leaves are dying back already ,is this normal or have I kept it too dry ????  cheers Mary)

Mary Sue

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