Climates of the world

Cathy Craig
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 22:13:54 PST
Bulbs reference books is a favorite topic of mine. While you're searching
around, you might look out for another Martin Rix book "Bulbs" ISBN
0-679-72756-6  I got a remarkable deal on it last year thru,
used, thru a third party. Incredibly cheap and in perfect (new) condition.

Jane can clear up the IBSN number business, but I believe that the Library
of Congress issues a unique ISBN number; one for hardcover and one for
paperback of the same book.

Cathy Craig Zone 9b Maritime
Pacific Bulb Society President

> I did a search to find this book used.  I found what might be the same
> with two different ISBN numbers.  To make sure I don't get the wrong book,
> could you let me know what the ISBN number is on the book you have?
"Growing Bulbs" by Martyn Rix (Christopher Helm/Timber Press,
> >1986; paperback).

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