Calochortus Society & Welcome to Georgie Robinett

Sat, 02 Nov 2002 19:09:45 PST
Hi one and all -

Thanks for the intro, Mary Sue. I hadn't quite made up my mind about
participating - and then all of a sudden, found myself in the middle of a
discussion !!!

As she said, Jim and I traveled all over California - and southern Oregon -
and even a bit to the east across the Great Basin. We also had a wonderful
tour of South Africa some years back with Stan Farwig that will stay with me
for many years.

And, as noted, I am still editing the Calochortus Society newsletter (called
MARIPOSA) and would be glad to have any new readers. The current
subscription price is $10 domestic and $13 overseas/air mail, for a
newsletter of 6 pages, including 1 color page, four times a year. To keep
things simple, all subs are for a full volume year, starting with July and
completing in April. All the back volumes are available, although the
earlier volumes are uneven in printing quality (and cost less). The October
issue offers the seed exchange, which this year is unusually large and
varied. Seeds go out for $1 in total to domestic, and $3 in total overseas -
no matter how many seeds you order. Seeds are simply divided among all those
who order them, until they run out.

I am retired, and living where I can't really grow very much. But I'm more
than happy to supply knowledge when I have it. And I am thoroughly enjoying
my e-mail reading !!!!!

Best wishes -------------------- Georgie Robinett

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