What's blooming now

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sun, 24 Nov 2002 19:26:23 PST
Dear All,

I got the following message from Peggy Oberg via her sister's computer

In case anyone is curious, the N. viridiflorus has been blooming for several weeks, N. seritonus open  this last week, several  T. cyanocrocus have emerged, one Moraea has finished flowering and my clump of C. savitus is coming up.  (I think I will be moving  them to the herb garden for next year.)  Also the double pink daffodil I  brought to the dinner last spring is named               Diatone'.  It is a jonquil double bred in Northern Ireland.  Here in Southern California it is
one of the last of my daffodils to bloom.  Sometimes to its detriment as in April the weather is beginning to warm up causing the flower buds to open too fast.

Peggy Oberg

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