baby bulb attack!

Jane McGary
Sun, 03 Nov 2002 17:21:56 PST
Jennifer's problem is almost certainly mice of some kind. If they are house
mice, as is likely in an apartment building, they can be controlled with
D-Con, but field mice seem not to be interested in this bait. Traps baited
with peanut butter are also effective. I have wire over a few pots but it's
difficult to get it secure enough to exclude mice, and the plants can't
grow up very well through wire with a mesh small enough to keep out the mice. 

I had an awful time with mice in the bulb frames last year but this year
they have not attacked yet. I set a lot of traps before leaving on my
vacation recently and found only one sprung (no mouse) when I returned. I
hate setting them because they are so poorly made that it's very hard to
set them without snapping one's fingers occasionally. (Is there a gadget to
set mousetraps with?) I've tried the sticky pads but they are useless,
anyway useless in cold temperatures. There is a strychnine-laced wheat bait
available, but I am afraid to use it for fear a mouse would die outside the
frame and be eaten by some carnivore, which would then be poisoned.

We will now hear from members of PETA. I can take it. I just handled a
steaming email from a Canadian complaining that our book title "Bulbs of
North America" was "false advertising" and arrogant US imperialism because
it did not feature the bulbs of Canada (in fact, they're all there--about a
dozen, I think--but all of them occur in the US as well).

Jane McGary
NW Oregon

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