What's in bloom now

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 07:29:32 PST
Dear Jim,

It is nice to hear what is in bloom now. My Oxalis bowiei is still blooming and it looks like it is setting seed. Could this be? I'll have to wait and see if anything is in those pods. My Oxalis have continued to delight me. Oxalis glabra (from a Uli BX) just started and I have been enjoying Oxalis versicolor and Oxalis goniorrhiza from Telos. They are very similar and I haven't tried to understand how they are different yet. Two favorites right now are different forms of Oxalis luteola. I have a couple forms that have never bloomed, but a very handsome one from Mike Mace with pale yellow flowers has been delightful and I was the lucky winner at the IBS auction of one from Michael Vassar with bright yellow flowers that cover the plant. My Oxalis triangularis which was also a present from Uli back when we could get material in the US without a phyto is just about done, coming into growth in March and blooming from May until now.

Moraea venenata which looks like a smaller M. polystachya but has been much easier for me to grow in dry summer conditions has been wonderful. And I am thrilled with a first flowering from Silverhill Seed of Romulea hallii. I'll post pictures of it to the images list. It is from one of the colder parts of the winter rainfall areas of South Africa.

O.K. Jim, that does it. Tell us how you get that Cyrtanthus elatus X montanus to bloom 2 or 3 times a year. Mine just keeps making small babies. I recently potted it up hoping that would help. I have given offsets twice to the BX. Anyone else still needing me to send another batch to Dell? Write me privately if the answer is yes. mailtomsittner@mcn.org And Jim PLEASE share your secrets!

Mary Sue

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