Seed sowing

Thu, 21 Nov 2002 19:54:04 PST
Dear John - I see your query re Fritillaria striata germination, and how
early it seems for this. F. striata in its native habitat is unlikely to
germinate before December or early January, based on when the winter rains
are most likely to finally reach the area where it grows. Perhaps your seeds
received moisture earlier ? Jim's experience with the species from that far
south in California was that, almost like desert species, they "glommed
onto" whenever the rains came and developed quickly thereafter, so they
could get in some growth before the hot weather (which may arrive in their
native area as early as late February or early March). This species seems to
bloom as early as mid-February typically. Jim and I visited its home several
times, and found we usually tended to be "late" to see it in full bloom -
until we went in mid-February.

Your challenge will probably be to allow it to dry back when the leaves
start to yellow - you will probably be tempted to keep watering, "to put on
more growth." But if you don't let it dry back, you may risk rot setting
into the little bulblets. Be patient !!! And also be patient next fall, and
wait to water it until very late in the fall.

-------------- Georgie Robinett

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