When to start watering

TGlavich@aol.com TGlavich@aol.com
Sat, 05 Oct 2002 21:41:46 PDT
I've done the following with some success.  

Whenever I see even the start of a leaf I start watering, and then continue 
through the end of the growing season.  I also start watering when flowers 
appear before leafing out. Some Eriospermum do this.  The leaves follow about 
10 days later.  

I water my Lachenalia and other summer dormant SA bulbs occasionally during 
the summer.  Most are under the benches in flats, and get some drip through 
anyway.  I have very little rot, and this seems to avoid the smaller bulbs 
just drying up.  I give them a good watering in mid September.  This year we 
had a day of drizzle, making the job much easier.  This seems to have started 
a number of things going.  I noticed leaves of Lachenalia contaminata and 
some other species, as well as Veltheimia and some Massonia up today.  Winter 
growing Haemanthus are also beginning to develop good sets of leaves.

I use a quick draining potting mix, Coir, sand and pumice for everything.  It 
allows for a bit of outof season watering without doing any real damage.  I 
live in Southern California, with a hot and dry yard.  I have Veltheimia in 
the ground as well as in pots.  There is no sign of life yet from those in 
the ground, and probably won't be for another month.


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