Fritillaria pinetorum

Cathy Craig
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 20:22:40 PDT
Mary Sue,

Don't you miss Jack Elliott terribly? He'd have been all over this one. I
can almost hear him saying these things are never as difficult as one might
imagine. Divide the seed into two lots, give one to Diana to germinate, keep
the other and go for it.

I have not grown any of the Frits except a couple of the common ones sold in
bulb form. If my F. imperialis grow and bloom this year I shall consider my
self a Fritillaria expert though! Just kidding. I can think of several
reasons why F. pinetorum is found in the conditions you state. And none of
them would include that they like these conditions. Perhaps it is only
surviving there and has been grazed almost into extinction in the more
moderate habitat(s). Perhaps it is extinct everywhere else and is only
hanging on there for dear life through the inadvertent passage of a bird who
ate the last surviving seeds elsewhere. No one knows these things. I am sure
Wayne was trying to be kind and save us a lot of hard work. But I wouldn't
let that discourage you, try it!

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