Information about Pacific BX 13

Dell Sherk
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 02:30:39 PST
Cathy Craig sent this additional information for those who might be
interested in #17 on the current Pacific Bx offering:

Dell, regarding the notation below (17.), Dave Karnstedt has generously
elaborated on my description for the BXers and explained that the lily is a
pure trumpet, not a hybrid. (See last paragraph). I will leave it to you to
post this if you wish to do so to the robin.

17. Lilium 'Golden Splendor'  This is an outward-facing trumpet
(probably an asiapet or orienpet), darker yellow,  very fragrant, and is
probably close to 4 ft tall.

Dave responds:
'Golden Splendor' is a "pure" trumpet that was developed in the 60's and
70's by Jan deGraaf and his breeders in Oregon.  The object of the breeding
was to continuously select from each year's sowing of seed only the best
examples to serve as parents to the next generation.  Thus, the strain being
offered was always better than its predecessor of even a year or two

Cathy Craig President PBS
Maritime zone 9b

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