Erythronium multiscapoideum

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 17 Oct 2002 22:49:55 PDT
Dear All,

I sent Paul Diana's comments and John's agreement with her after he sent him the pictures and got the following response from Paul. I will send an attachment of the current picture to Diana  and anyone else that needs it to answer the question. The anthers are very pink. I know Paul would really like some help with this.

Mary Sue

Could you possibly pass on that this is definitely NOT a part of the aging
process.  I have two pots that opened at the same time.  I have a picture
of one of the pots with a flower partly open and the pollen is clearly a
deep pink, whereas the other pot has pollen that is creamy white.  The
later never goes pink at all, whereas the first has pink pollen and stays
pink until it shrivels.

If it had aged to pink I would have understood.  This particular pot
clearly OPENS pink and stays that way. Initially the foliage has darker
markings than my white pollened one, but they age the same colour in the
leaves.  The buds definitely open with pink anthers though.

Just to verify this I have attached a picture to this email which clearly
shows one of the flowers just opening, with very dark pink anthers.  This
flower is I think the same one as that which was attached to the AB-Images

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