Member Reports on Oct 5th PBS gathering

Cathy Craig
Mon, 21 Oct 2002 08:08:14 PDT
In my nightly prayers, I thank the Lord for the little joys of the day.  I
don't often experience the big ones, lately.  The afternoon of October 5th
was one of them.  Rarely have I spent a more pleasant time.  Everything was
a plus the company; the food (I go BONKERS for devilled eggs!) and the
conversation.  Dr. Koopowitz has certainly mellowed since our first meeting.

Our chat spanned many topics, which confirmed for me his wide range of
knowledge.  He doesn't realize it, but I always address him as 'Doc'. I have
always felt that if someone works so hard to earn the title of Doctor, I
shall always honor him for his achievement.  And 'Doc' is a friendly form of
address.  The only flaw in the evening was the fact that, having bought
three copies of his marvelous book (a BIG joy!)  I could only find my copy
for him to sign.  (The other two were in a 'SAFE'  place awaiting Santa's
delivery to two special friends).

My friend Jim Waddick had in a previous E-mail asked me to look up an
interesting bloke named Jim Comstock, whom he had met at last year's
Symposium.  Being the shy guy that I am, I kept putting it off.  Well, I
finally got to meet this genial fellow.  Prior to this, his name had popped
up on my computer many times.  I had not realized he was such a high
mucky-muck!  (VIP).  And Jim W's evaluation was certainly correct.  Anyone
who laughs at my jokes as much as Jim C. dis is most certainly a charming
and erudite fellow!

It was nice to see Patty Colville and Charles Hardman again - old friends
from SCHAS.  Patty is a good sport - enduring my ribbing about a flowerpot
hunting expedition with good grace.  Charles brought many things for sale -
proceeds of which go to PBS.  Always ready to help PBS, I purchased gangs of
things - including all the nerines (for which Charles is famous) that were
left.  Quite a few of his I had purchased at SCHAS are blooming now.

The slide presentation by Dr. Koopowitz of a previous Holland visit was
entertaining and informative.  He always manages to convey some unexpectedly
interesting aspects in his comfortably conversational comments.  What struck
me here were the unusual Mondrian-like landscaping  possiblities of tulips,
daffodils and other Dutch bulbs.

So caught-up was I in all this congeniality, that I did not get to see
Cathy's garden.  How could this have happened?!!!  Perhaps someday I'll have
the opportunity. In any case, I salute Cathy Craig  -  the hostess with the
MOSTEST on the ball!  (Someone should write a musical about her!)

And thanks to all who attended.  It just goes to show me that joining PBS
was one of the LUCKIEST things that has ever happened to me.

A  BIG  JOY !!!


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