Pacific BX 13

Dell Sherk
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 02:00:04 PST
Dear All,

     The items listed below have been donated by PBS members for
sharing. If you are interested in obtaining some of them, please email me
PRIVATELY at <>. Include "BX 13" in the subject line.
Specify the NUMBERS of the items which you would like; do not specify
quantities.  Availability is based on a first come, first served system.
When you receive your seeds/bulbs you will find included with them a
statement of how much money (cash or check) you should send the PBS
treasurer for you order. Each item costs US$2.00 to cover first-class
postage and packing. It is a good idea to include you snail mail address
too, in case I don't already have it.
    Some of you are members of the PBS discussion forum but not members of
THE PBS. Consider joining the PBS so that you can take advantage of future
offers such as this. Or contact me at
    If you would like to donate seeds or bulbs/corms to the PBS, please send
clean, clearly labeled material to: Dell Sherk, PO Box 224, Holicong, PA,
18928, USA.

Pacific BX 13


From Charles Hardman:

1. Gynandriris sp., good, small violet
2. Hesperantha baurii, white segments with rose reverse
3. Hesperantha cucullata, delicious scent
4. Hesperantha pauciflora
5. Hesperantha sp., rose, ex. Basutoland

From Joyce Miller:

6. Hippeastrum sp.?
7. Zephyranthes candida
8. Calostemma purpurea
9. Amaryllis belladonna, Bidwell hybrids, pod parent was solid rose color


From Mary Sue Ittner <>:

10. Cyrtanthus elatus X Cyrtanthus montanus-- I know some of you are getting
this one from Bill Dijk to bloom sometimes more than once a year but mine
just seem to produce all these little offsets that will eventually if you
don't water them too much sprout. I gave a few of these before, but here
are some more.

11. Geissorhiza monanthos--From Bill Dijk seed, this is a beautiful
with lovely markings,  purple with a creamy center ringed in black. These
are offsets and I don't know if they are blooming size, but the corms of
ones that bloom are small. South African irid

12. Leucocoryne purpurea--Originally from Bill Dijk, this one has increased
a lot for me. It is from Chile and really gorgeous, but these may not be
blooming size.

13. Moraea lurida--I saw these in the wild and they were all different
None of mine have been the color in the Moraea book. They are yellow with
dark markings. South African irid

14. Moraea tripetala--We saw this one in bloom in many different places in
South Africa. The flowers last for a few days instead of hours. Once again
I don't know if they are blooming size. South African Irid

15. Oxalis brasilensis--I talked about this earlier on our list. It is a
bloomer (April, May last year) with a short dormancy

16. Oxalis #3 unknown--Mike Mace gave this to me. It is a Michael Vassar
selection but he lost the tag. It has light yellow flowers about 1 to 1 1/2
inches in diameter and large green leaves that are divided into threes, but
not equally. The middle leaflet is two or three times bigger than the two
side leaflets. It isn't hairy. It is light green on the back of the leaves
and has very light grey green stems. I didn't get it identified. It bloomed
last year in December and January.

From Cathy Craig:

17. Lilium 'Golden Splendor'  This is an outward-facing trumpet
(probably an asiapet or orienpet), darker yellow,  very fragrant, and is
probably close to 4 ft tall.

18. Lilium cvs, probably three clones as they were in a clump of 3 mother
bulbs sold to me as one clone, and all turned out different and not the one
I bought but they each are very beautiful. VERY beautiful.

Thank you, Charles, Joyce, Mary Sue, and Cathy !!

Best wishes,

--Dell Sherk, Director, Pacific BX

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