Fw New List Member Introduction / try again !

Mary Wise marywise@iinet.net.au
Thu, 31 Oct 2002 16:23:02 PST
Dear All,

I am forwarding Mary Wise's new member introduction to this group since she has tried twice and been unsucessful. It hasn't gone through I suspect because she has a vcf attachment. Can anyone tell her how to turn that off? This is the message she gets "Your message could not be posted to the Pacific Bulb Society list because the message seemed to contain an enclosure." Mary grows a lot more than you'd think from her message and she often shares her wonderful images with the Australian Image group.

Mary Sue

Mary Sue shook her finger at me (figuratively speaking) ! ) and suggested that an introduction would be a good move. My name is Mary Wise and I live in the lower South West corner of  Western Australia.  Our climate is described as Mediterranean so most South African bulbs do very well here both in the garden and ferally.  My bulb likes are an eclectic mix of whatever survives the rather haphazard attention they receive and whatever the resident predators dont like to eat.  Raising things from seed is my favourite thing to do.

Liliums being the favourite subject and now also Cyclamen.  I look forward to being a member of the list.
cheers Mary

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