Commercial calochortus

Jane McGary
Wed, 02 Oct 2002 12:14:50 PDT
I have just opened a package of Dutch-grown Calochortus venustus received
directly from a wholesaler in Holland, and the condition of the bulbs
prompts me to post this warning.

The bulbs appear to be affected by one or more pathogens. They are
discolored and spotted, with some gray mold and perhaps something like ink
spot disease. Some of them are woody throughout -- i.e., dead -- presumably
because whatever diseases are affecting them have completely desiccated the
tissue. I intend to destroy them and not even plant the ones that appear to
be healthy (a minority of the package).

If you are experimenting with Calochortus and live in an area where they
are native, I strongly urge you not to plant foreign-grown ones. I worry
about introducing diseases that could affect the native populations -- some
species are threatened or even endangered.

If someone knows of a place where I could send a sample of these to find
out exactly what is affecting them, please let me know. I will keep a few
with that in mind.

Jane McGary
NW Oregon

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