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<< For those of you who are interested in Nerines, there's a nice article on a very serious Nerine nursery, posted on the RHS website


There aren't too many pictures, unfortunately, but the article is
interesting.  Got to find out if they can export to the US. >>

YES, they export all over, phytos and all.  The bulbs are of excellent 
quality, in fact the shipment I received only a few weeks ago are already 
coming up vigorously and in some cases even putting out buds.  

As I am new to the subject, I simply sent him a bunch of $$$ and told him to 
choose for me, my only requirement being that I wanted bowdenii-sarniensis 
hybrids and the like this time, as I do so very well outdoors here with 
Rushmere Star, which grows as well as a belladonna and makes bulbs almost as 

The 12 or 15 varieties he sent he said all grew outdoors in the same bed as 
his Rushmere Star.

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