Massonia/Polyxena and others

J.E. Shields
Thu, 31 Oct 2002 07:09:09 PST
Hi all,

The comments on Massonia/Polyxena are interesting.  I have some bulbs of some sort of Massonia that were grown from seed (labelled "Androcymbium pulchellum") that are blooming this year.  One bloomed for the first time last year, and the leaves were not prostrate; this year, most of the plants are showing prostrate leaves.  I thought it might be pustulata, but the leaves are a smooth, plain, green.  I posted a pic of that first bloom last year to IBS_Images, and I'll post more pics this year to Bulbs_Images.

How about pics of your blooming plants, Mark and Mary Sue?

I have seedlings from seed labelled "Daubenya aurea coccinea" that are trying to bloom.  One succeeded this year, sort of.  It produced one white, star-shaped flower.  Probably not Daubenya aurea.  I assume I should wait a couple more years for more mature behavior and bloom before I try to figure out just what I do have.

I bought a bulb of Daubenya aurea (from I think Guy Wrinkle) last year.  It has shown no signs of life so far, after over a year here.  I guess it's probably a gonner.  Might it have been a direct import from the Southern Hemisphere?

Does anyone know of a North American source of  acclimated Daubenya aurea coccinea bulbs?  I still want to try it in my greenhouse.  (I love red flowers.)

A bulb of Lachenalia pusilla bloomed for me this year, just ahead of the L. rubida, as Mark found.  It is a curious little plant and flower.

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