When to start watering

Jennifer Hildebrand theotherjen8@yahoo.com
Mon, 07 Oct 2002 12:42:07 PDT
Thanks to all for the topic and contributions so far.

I'm still rather new to bulbs, so I'm going to pose a
question rather than a response.  Jim Duggan's site
has been one of my favorites, and many of my bulbs
have come from him, so I've followed his advice about
October watering.  Now here's the question I thought
part of the reason to water later in the season was to
avoid bulb rot, as it is still quite warm in my area
(Riverside, CA - southern).  Today, for instance, it
will be 94.  Did I create this reason in my fanciful
imagination, or is bulb rot, especially for S. African
bulbs, a problem when they receive water in hot


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