Crocus scharojani

Jennifer Hildebrand
Sat, 19 Oct 2002 11:38:58 PDT
Hi Dell & all,
This might be a good place to start:  It's a great article on Crocus on the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture's website.  The article notes that "One of the activities of the RNZIH has been to assemble a list of New Zealand Plant Collections, which collates information on people and institutions who hold collections of particular groups of plants" - to that end, there is a list of crocus in the collection at the end of the article.  C. scharojani (spelled scharojanii) is included as a part of their holdings.

Anyone else interested in Crocus should check out this great article and the LONG list of holdings. 

Good luck in your search!


 Dell Sherk  <> wrote:
Dear All,Does anyone know of a source for the above-mentioned Crocus. It seems tobe the only autumn-flowering one which is yellow. Also sounds like it is hard to grow, needing constant moisture - not very hard to provide here. 
Best wishes, Dell-- Dell Sherk, SE PA Zone 6. 
Amaryllids, South Americans, Cyrtanthus, Nerine,Hardy bulbs.

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