Albuca spiralis

Alberto Castillo
Sat, 19 Oct 2002 09:52:06 PDT
Dear Mary Sue et al
	Yes, Albuca spiralis is small, say 10 cm in foliage and 20 cm when in flower. The foliage is its main attraction. Leaves are narrow and a deep green and at first are ascending and then coil into a tight spring. This shape is normal in cultivation. Apparently the spring (not a spiral) is a mechanism to expose less leaf surface to the dessicating sun. This plant must be grown like a succulent with very gritty well drained soil and a DRY summer dormancy. It is not easy if you are fond of watering in abundance.
	Now to the controversial part of it I have lost most of my plants (I think only one remains) from letting them set abundant seed for three years in a row. This I have experienced with a number of plants. Hence my advice "DO NOT LET THEM SET SEED" in case of very young or freshly imported plants. We had a variety of experiences along years ago when I was actively collecting in the wild in Uruguay and Southern Brazil and all pointed to the fact that seed production takes excessive energy and this only robust plants can cope with.


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