REPLY: Ipheion bulbs
Sat, 14 Sep 2002 09:21:33 PDT
	The Christian description of I. 'Alberto Castillo' quoted by Cathy
    is exactly as I have experienced growing it for several years (bulbs
    originally from Jack Elliot). It is really a robust plant, easily
    the best of the several forms of this genus I have. The stems are
    tall, the foliage abundant and the long lasting, heavy substance
    flowers a beautiful, clear white and large; it makes a spectacular
    display for many weeks in late Winter here in N. California (in a
    pot). It will also open pollinate with ease.

    I have always kept the pots slightly damp during the dormant season
    (by allowing them to soak up some moisture from a saucer from time
    to time) more out of ignorance than for any other reason save when I
    saw these plants (the common species forms) growing in England, it
    was obvious there was some residual moisture (from rain storms) all
    Summer. They also get weak feedings of a balanced fertilizer in
    solution over their growing period.

    Dave Karnstedt

    near Santa Rosa, California

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